I started practicing yoga in 2001, and tried a variety of styles over several years. A friend eventually brought me to AY, and after the first few practices, I knew I had found a home.

I loved the heat and the challenge of moving in new ways. While at first I was most attracted to the physical workout, the more time I spent on my mat, the more I came to appreciate the idea of yoga as a practice of self-observation, and found myself learning how to manage my own stress and adversities with patience and deep breaths. The practice of yoga has given me physical strength and better overall fitness, but its biggest impact has been to teach me to be a more thoughtful and gentle person — with others, and perhaps, most importantly, with myself.

I completed AY’s Level 1 Teacher Training in April 2014 and Level 2 in August 2015. I also have taken workshops with Bryan Kest, Claire Este-McDonald, and Gregor Singleton, and constantly am learning new things from all the wonderful teachers in my life. Yoga is one of the most important parts of my life, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it through teaching at AY. When I’m not practicing, I love travelling, spending time with my friends, and running in Frick Park.

teacherCatherine Gignac