My very first experience with yoga was shortly after Amazing Yoga South Side opened in 2009. Having recently moved to the neighborhood, a friend asked me to accompany her to a class. I was instantly hooked. Yoga changed me right away in a way I had never encountered. Physically, I was rewarded immediately with newfound strength and balance, but it was the change I noticed in other aspects of my life that brought me back to my mat, time and time again. Carrying the lessons I learn on my mat (patience, perseverance, forgiveness, and more) over into my everyday life has altered the way I deal with the trials and tribulations we all face so regularly. This ever-expanding wisdom was the most addicting benefit of all, and to this day, I try to practice as often as possible to sharpen those skills that yoga generates.

I completed Level 1 Teacher Training in June of 2011, and Level 2 in July of 2012, both through Amazing Yoga, and I cannot wait to experience more training in the future!

While not in the studio, I am a part-time student and spend my weekends bartending on the South Side, where I also live. I love to travel, ski, swim, and eat, and spend time with my pit bull, Wilson.

teacherSean Conley