Over the last decade, Erin has experimented with many styles of yoga, but fell immediately in love with the challenge of the vinyasa flow in a cozy, heated studio. Erin worked as an occupational therapist for eight years until her daughter, Nora, was born in the summer of 2007. Her experience as a therapist has given her a clear understanding of the sensory and motor components of the body. And throughout her years of teaching yoga, Erin has begun to recognize the bridge that this practice builds between our internal and external being. Now a mother of two, her own yoga practice is a sanctuary of balance for a full-time mom.

Erin received her teacher training with Karen and Sean Conley at Amazing Yoga in 2005 and completed the Level 1 teacher training with Baron Baptiste the following summer. She has completed weekend workshops with Beryl Bender Birch, Bryan Kest, and Gregor Singleton. Erin has led multiple beginner workshops at the Amazing Yoga studios, and thrives off the energy that this dynamic practice brings to students of all levels. She would like to share with her students the freedom of simply moving the body, and perhaps, a little mindfulness in the process. Erin hopes to continue to evolve as a teacher and as a mom always seeking the beautiful balance between accepting and giving back.