Through our work exchange program, Amazing Yoga offers a chance to exchange your time and hard work for free yoga classes. Each class you work, you take for free! 

We are looking for a few friendly yogis to join our work exchange crew. To become a work exchange, you must:

  • Have a committed practice at Amazing Yoga, having attended classes for at least 6 months;

  • Be able to commit to working at least one class each week, limiting call-offs to once a month at most;

  • Be responsible, communicative, trustworthy, and easy-going!

As the face of Amazing Yoga, it's up to our work exchanges to make everyone feel welcome and to create a positive environment for other yogis!  We hope that the first time you arrived at Amazing Yoga, you were greeted by a friendly and welcoming work exchange who helped prepare you for your first class. 

Work exchanges at Amazing Yoga are responsible for some light cleaning duties, working with our Mind Body Online (MBO) system to check students in to class and to resolve client issues, and are in charge of preparing the studio for the next class. Workers are asked to commit to working at least one specific class each week, with opportunities to pick up more. Workers must arrive 30 minutes prior to their class and will stay around 10-15 minutes after.

If you are interested in the program, please fill out the following application and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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How long have you been practicing at Amazing Yoga?
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