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You don't need to register or sign up online before taking a yoga class. If it's your first time, just show up 10-15 minutes early so we can help you sign in and purchase a drop-in or class package that'll work for you!

Please consider the following when attending your first class:

  • BRING A YOGA MAT: ...If you have one, or we have mats to rent for $2.

  • BUY A YOGA MAT: We also sell a variety of mats at different prices, and we encourage all students to purchase their own for sanitary reasons.

  • CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothing. Please note that we practice in a room that's heated to 90 degrees.

  • WATER: Bring a water bottle. We do not sell water to save on plastic consumption. You can use our filtered water fountain for your convenience.

  • TOWEL: Please bring one — you will sweat!

  • EAT: Don't eat too much before you come to class. A piece of fruit or nourishing snack is a good idea about an hour before practice.

  • ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive to class at least 15 minutes early. Feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor.

  • QUESTIONS: Ask questions and also share with the teacher any injuries that you feel they should know about.

  • BE PATIENT: Keep an open mind and be patient. Just like anything in life, it takes time to adapt to something new. Take a few classes to see if this is right for you.

  • ENJOY!: Know that after each class you will get stronger both physically and mentally. Enjoy the journey!