I discovered yoga during my college years.  Being an athlete most of my life, I put a lot of strain onto my body, especially as a college cheerleader.  I originally tried yoga for the physical benefits but found it extremely boring and never was able to stick to a consistent practice.  However, after a series of stressful events in my life, I discovered how yoga benefits the body not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  I started doing an at-home practice in college and fell in love with yoga.

I decided I wanted to teach yoga before I was practicing regularly at a studio.  I found Karen and Sean’s Amazing Yoga Teacher Training and I felt called to be a yoga teacher.  After completing Level 1 Training in 2013, I spent the majority of my 20’s working and traveling all over the world on a cruise ship.  Although I didn’t have the option to teach in a studio, I found ways to share my passion with others, even while I was traveling. I would teach to my co-workers when we would dock on different islands or up on our ship’s crew deck.  I also found a way to teach through our cruise ship’s television program. I would find random studios and gyms between Pittsburgh and Florida to teach. I have always been so passionate about sharing this practice with others because of the life-changing benefits I’ve experienced with yoga. I loved coming home and taking classes at Amazing Yoga because of the unique way these classes challenge me both physically and mentally and leave me feeling more alive and energized.

I started teaching at Amazing Yoga in October, 2018 once I decided that I was staying back in Pittsburgh.  I got my Level 2 certification in February, 2019 in Maya Tulum, Mexico. I also recently completed a 300-hr Yoga and Psychology training which gave me a deeper understanding of how our physical and emotional bodies are connected.  When I’m not teaching yoga, I also enjoy teaching barre and cycling classes. As a former elementary school teacher, I love combining my classroom skills and implementing them into my studios to give people an opportunity to become a healthier, stronger, happier version of themselves.  When I’m not teaching or traveling, I enjoy running, painting, and watching Pittsburgh sports.

teacherAlysha KT