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For years running was my only outlet to let off the steam from a busy work life and a competitive inner spirit. I would wander into a yoga class here and there on the recommendations from others that it would bring balance to my running. My type-A personality and addiction to running would never allow me to fully commit to the practice. I was always more prepared to log more miles or go to work too early and stay too late to make it to yoga. However, somewhere through the years of trudging into the studio before dawn, with my eyes still closed I found my community at Amazing Yoga in the “morning monsters”. After a while I realized I was skipping my training runs to hit the mat with my morning crew. And the more I came to yoga, I noticed the better I was at channeling my energy during long runs and marathons. I realized, it wasn’t just the flexibility and core strength that made me a stronger runner it was also the stillness of the mind that started to power me through the last 6 miles after some would say they hit the wall. It’s those last few breaths when you want to get out of a pose but you know you can hold on a little longer! While I no longer run, I am thankful it was running that brought me to my mat! I finally decided to take my practice full circle and share the love I have for yoga and this community. I finished my level 1 certification with Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh in 2017 and level 2 in Tulum in 2018. Also, in 2018, I completed a 20-hour yin yoga certification with Jesse Kates. Yin yoga has brought a new challenge of surrender to my busy life and love to share it with others.

When you don’t see me at one of the Amazing yoga studios, I am probably working my day job, the stylist for Aerie, a lingerie, swim and lifestyle brand for women. I live in the Southside with my husband, Phil and 2 fur babies, Tango and Cash.

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