I first wandered into an Amazing Yoga studio after some persuasion by a friend soon after moving to Pittsburgh for law school in 2014. As a runner, I was not expecting to enjoy this type of physical activity, but I was immediately hooked! I loved being able to cultivate presence, calmness, and peace in an otherwise physically strenuous environment, and how this practice translated to my ability to handle my reactions to situations off of the mat. I also loved the positive yoga community and the kindness they radiated. It became my weekly refuge, and later became my daily refuge post-graduation. I couldn’t get enough! After a year of working as an Attorney, I decided to take Level 1 AY Teacher training in 2018. I embraced the opportunity to teach because I wanted to empower others with the strength my teachers had equipped me with. I’m so grateful to be  able to share the love as a Community Teacher at Amazing Yoga! 

Off the mat, I work full-time in immigration law. When I’m not working or practicing, you can find me running, golfing, playing tennis, cheering on PSU, tending to my house plants, in search of my next cup of coffee, or eyeing up a pizza! :) 

teacherSean Conley