Originally from Erie, Pa., I earned my Master's degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After six rewarding years of providing speech and language therapy to school-age children, I quit my job to stay at home with my two sons. Fast forward three years later and I was still enjoying life at home....now with 3 sons :) 

My sister, Jamie, had been trying to get me to a yoga class for years, but I always thought of yoga as slow and boring. I finally gave in and took my first-ever yoga class at Amazing Yoga in September of 2012. As expected, I thought it was slow and boring....but when it was over I felt incredible! I continued to attend class and I enjoyed it more each time. I am addicted to the limitless physical and mental challenges that yoga offers. Yoga instills in me patience, humility and a sense of presence for which I am truly grateful. For me, each yoga class is more difficult, yet more fulfilling than the one before and I love that. 

I completed Level 1 Teacher Training with Sean and Karen Conley in October of 2014. They are astounding teachers full of love and support for all of their students. I am proud to join the rest of the incredible Amazing Yoga teachers in spreading yoga seeds to our community! 

teacherCatherine Gignac