Presence. The key to living a full and meaningful life. More than anything, presence is what I practice when I'm on my mat. For me, it cultivates a sense of peace, happiness and gratitude that I feel I've missed out on before. When Amazing yoga found me in 2007 (remember the Ellsworth studio?!), I was desperately in need of presence. It seemed to have a strong affect that started repositioning a lot of stuff, such as thoughts, priorities, feelings...almost as a chain reaction. Although my practice helped me gained so many things, I've been able to lose anxiety and lots of stress! 

I'm forever grateful to my teachers Karen Conley, Sean Conley and Erin Bozniak for their time, encouragement, and love when I attempted and successfully completed my 200-hour training. I'm also appreciative of all my fellow teachers, studio managers, studio helpers, and yogi-friends, who are the best community anyone could ask to be a part of. 

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004 where I studied Materials Science & Engineering. Luckily, yoga found me in my late 20's because careers and life can put a lot of weight on you over the years if you let them. I've been teaching at Amazing Yoga for over two years, and prior to that I managed the South Side studio. I love teaching because it gives people an opportunity to learn about themselves, challenge themselves, and ultimately practice being present, which I know firsthand will change you in all the best ways possible. 

teacherSean Conley